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  • 2 Lessons per week
  • Make up class
  • Cancellation period 1 Month
  • Price per month 49 Euro + VAT
  • Mobile App


Most frequent questions and answers

ISM is an exclusively digital membership, which means you can only check in to lessons with our app. You can download our free app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. You need to have an iOS or Android smartphone, as well as a working internet connection.

You can put your membership on pause at any time, starting from the next membership month. Our memberships require one full months notice before cancellation, so your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the following membership month. 

You can find our range of dance activities on our website or in our app. Before you arrive at the venue, you need to book the class through our mobile app, and You need to check-in at reception. 

We want to offer you the most flexible service possible. Therefore, we prefer to have short-term contracts. For memberships your cancellation comes into effect at the end of the following membership month. 

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